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About Us

Welcome To Sandy City Clinic

We are a registered healthcare facility under the Registrar General's Department, licensed by the Health Facility Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) and accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).
We are dedicated to the integration of both preventive and curative health in a complementary manner such that none stands out on its own.
At Sandy City Clinic, we believe in blending both preventive and curative (holistic) healthcare to enhance the total well-being of our clients.
The Clinic provides prompt health care services to the dense population of Kakraba Down Community as well as the surrounding Towns and Villages within and outside the Gomoa East District. This helps to ease overcrowding of patients at the few government health facilities, prevent delays is accessibility of health care and prevent loss of lives.
At Sandy City Clinic, we believe in blending both preventive and curative (holistic) healthcare to enhance the total well-being of our clients.


Marketing Strategy

Our primary target markets are pregnant women and nursing mothers who require ante and post-natal services respectively
Other targets are the youth who require reproductive health education and healthy living principles.
Another class of people who are dear to our hearts are children and the aged because of their vulnerability.

Strategic Objectives

Our two (2) phase short and long term objectives which employ the balance score card approach is to convert our vision into a measurable and achievable performance target, results-oriented outcomes that would serve as a yardstick for performance measurement and progress.
Our Primary/ Short Term Objective over the next five years is
To promote the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies within the entire Kasoa Township and its surrounding Towns and Villages and to ensure that mothers deliver safely when due.
To cater for accidents and ailments in emergency situations to prevent possible complications that may lead to loss of lives if immediate attention is not available.
To provide health education to both the young and old.
Our Secondary/ Long Term Objective over the next ten years and beyond is
To upgrade the clinic into a hospital and subsequently, a specialist hospital.
To add more specialist care to our services to become a one-stop service provider.
To offer other health training programmes to increase the human capital for professional health care provision.

Guiding principles

The guiding principles of the Sandy City Clinic for its business operations are but not limited to the following
Maintain and/ or strengthen education and research.
Look for ways to enhance the Sandy City Clinic's operations.
Reduce costs of operations wherever feasible.
Improve the quality and access of care for patients/patrons.
Enhance the public perception of Sandy City Clinic's commitment to the organization.

The Board of Directors

Mr Edward Annoh

C.E.O, Marketing Manager & Financial Controller

Mrs Salome Annoh

Deputy C.E.O, H.R Manager, Counselor & Health Service Administrator

Dr. Edna Annoh Owusu

Mother & Child Hospital, Kasoa

Dr. Caroline B. Annoh

Ridge Hospital

Joseph Oppong

Bank OF Ghana

Edward Annoh Jnr

P.A 2, C.E.O Finance